Join us for a buying adventure where huge minimum purchase requirements are a thing of the past and great pricing is accessible to everyone…side hustle or up-and-coming business titan. We do the work and make the process of finding and ordering quick and easy. Our catalog is open to all and the business price you pay is the price you see- no surprises, no shipping charge surprises and no hidden fees…THE PRICE IS THE PRICE!!!

WHAT IF I OWN A BUSINESS WITH A RESALE CERTIFICATE? If you own a business with resale / sales tax certificate, you can qualify for better pricing when you buy bulk and ship to your business (excludes CLEARANCE and any items sold that may be sold individually).  We will eliminate sales tax on all of your purchases right at checkout and quantity discounts are available for larger orders of over 50-items per SKU.  Register today and email our Operations Team (order.info@bigsouthmarket.com) to let us know you are ready to go… you can upload a copy of your certificate right from the website (not your EIN or LLC paperwork- a copy of your sales tax account number is required for any wholesale discount considerations), Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help in acquiring your states tax certificates.

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Find high-end quality for a not-so-high-end price on hundreds of upscale pieces. Furniture, store fixtures, and home decor items…find what you want in our online catalog. Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our curators and we’ll source it through our network of partners and get it to you fast!


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