Big South Market is a niche-filling, wholesale home decor company that believes quality and uniqueness can play well with affordability. We supply business owners and everyday “Janes and Joes” access to something different. Categories will be constantly changing with the needs of our clients. Hang on, kids…the ride is about to begin!

WHOLESALE- Much like our retail company rusted fence, the humble beginnings of Big South started with our small dough bowl and our desire to find a way to buy our best selling core-items at a reasonable cost as our business scaled. Sourcing the best quality at a reasonable price just did not seem to be a possibility. We fought against unreasonable minimums or poor quality for years. We want you to learn from our mistakes. Dough bowls, wood molds, and more. We will grow as you grow- without being weighed down by unreasonable purchase requirements.

COMMERCIAL FIXTURES- Commercial fixtures, tables, benches, appliances, and more. Retail or restaurant, we have access to a ton of unbelievably priced equipment for your business. We should call this “STARTUP CENTRAL” because if your starting a business, you should begin your sourcing adventure with us- you won’t be disappointed.