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SOLD AS A PACK OF 5 – Handcrafted wood bowls by artisans in Mexico in tribute to their ancestors. Quality craftsmanship abound in each and every size of the bowls. Wood species may vary and sizes listed are approximations due to their hand made nature. Stained or painted as show, not to be considered food-safe. The bowls are not warranted in any way to hold liquid or be "leak-proof" as it relates to candle making.

Small- 9x5x2

Medium- 13x9x2

Large- 21x11x3

XL- 40x12x3

Short Baguette- 20x5x2

Long Baguette- 39x5x3

Small Heart- 5x5x2

Medium Heart- 11x11x3

Large Heart- 16x15x4