(QTY-5) Small Round Dough Bowl- Brown


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SOLD AS A PACK OF 5 – These are some of the most beautiful bowls available for your shop. Can be poured for candles or just sold as the cutest addition to your table decor. The Small Round Dough Bowl measures approximately 5-1/2" in diameter with a height averaging 2-1/2". Volume will vary, but averages show 6-8 ounces of wax for our candle making buyers. We do not guarantee that the bowls will be leak-proof so chandler's should inspect and repair (clear caulk or hot glue) any knots or crevices that may prohibit a good pour.PLEASE NOTE…there is no such thing as "fire-proof", "fire-resistant", or "heat-resistant" or any other nonsense you've seen on the google. There are no sprays, dips, paint, or additives that you can add to a wood vessel that will make it so. The ONLY way that a vessel can be any type of resistant to fire or heat is with a commercially available application meant for lumber in the construction trade and it requires penetration to a specified tolerance to be valid and even then, the manufacturer does not in any way warrant that it works with candles. Candle fires are a result of HUMAN ERROR. Either you wicked it wrong or the end-user left the candle too long or unattended.